La Fuerza de Sheccid [Carlos Cuauhtemoc Sanchez] on *FREE* a site? Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. La Fuerza de Sheccid [Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez] on *FREE* a site? Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. La fuerza de Sheccid book. Read 88 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sin duda nos encontramos ante una novela magistral, llena de c.

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Versión completa de La fuerza de Sheccid--Cover. by: Sánchez, Carlos Cuauhtémoc. Publication date: DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. CARLOS CUAUHTEMOC SANCHEZ LA FUERZA DE SHECCID EBOOK DOWNLOAD ( submitted 6 months ago by choco Simple Way to Read / Download Sheccid by Carlos Cuauhtémoc Sánchez in PDF, Sheccid es mucho más que una continuación de la saga " Los ojos de mi Su fuerza emocional y la destreza narrativa con que está escrita constituyen un.

At first Carlos does not give this much importance; however, she continues to miss class. He decides to face the problem and talks with her; she says he should just forget about her, and then she kisses him. Desperate, Carlos asks Ariadne for help.

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She agrees, and then he learns that her family is going to move to another the city, apparently because the mother is ill and the father is having an affair.

Before the brawl, he gave her his journal but Sheccid does not say anything else and asks him to forget her. He falls into depression because Sheccid has left him, and does not seem to feel the same way Carlos feels for her.

Ariadne tells him to go to her house, to see the "real" Sheccid. After the brawl, he goes to Sheccid's house where he discovers that Sheccid has a brain tumor, and the family is leaving the city to get her special medical attention, the day after she gets out of the hospital from a very dangerous and risky surgery: the father will leave with Sheccid first, followed later by Sheccid's mom and brother.

The day of the surgery, he calls Ariadne who knows everything , only to learn that Sheccid died from complications. Ariadne gives him a letter that Sheccid left for him. In the letter, she explains him that she loved him until the last day of her life.

She tells him that there were two options for her: to die during surgery, or survive and then leave to receive attention in another city. Either way, they could not be together. She confesses him she had turned him down so he would not get hurt, whatever the outcome.

He then writes in his journal a poem for Sheccid, telling that she will always be a part of him, and he will always remember her the way he knew her. Carlos wrote "Sheccid's Secret" as a means to overcome the events that really happened. After Ariadne tells him to go see Sheccid at her house, he walks into a party.

There, he sees Sheccid's mom sitting in a chair in a catatonic state. He gets introduced to Sheccid's father, who is at the party with another woman; the rumors about the problems in Sheccid's family were true. When he sees Sheccid, she is drinking, smoking and in a drug induced state, doing a dance for some men. He then faces the painful truth: he loved Justiniana because he thought of her as the embodiment of Sheccid, his ideal of the perfect woman.

But Justiniana was not Sheccid. Facing this fact, he leaves the party. Heartbroken, and about to go insane, he locks himself up in his room and writes a different ending to his story; in his journal he kills Sheccid to free not only the love he felt for her, but to free himself from the pain he felt when he realized he was in love with an illusion.

La Fuerza de Sheccid

It is at this point that we find out that Mario, the classmate abducted by the pervert, was found alive in a car accident. The book ends with Carlos realizing that, by the love he felt, he changed for good; love made him a stronger, better person, and by keeping the innocence of his lost love, he could remain like that. Sheccid[ edit ] In the book the main character calls the new girl in his school "Sheccid". The name Sheccid comes from a story told by his grandfather. Youthful Freckles : Ariadne has this.

Even Jose Carlos calls her "Freckles" from time to time. It turns out that she loved Jose Carlos all along and the stoner girl from the previous book was a cousin who happens to look like her. Bad Liar : Jose Carlos is this to the extreme. Even Mario lampshades it from time to time. Break the Haughty : Dear god, Mario Broken Pedestal : Jose Carlos towards Mariscal Adalid, after finding out that his motivational speeches to him were taken from a satanic Bible.

Dark and Troubled Past : Lorenna and Justine. Since it is in The '80s , Mario has no idea about it. I Have No Son! Seems that after the first book she got tired of crying and waiting for her boy to come back home.

Jade-Colored Glasses : After the events of the first book, Jose Carlos comes to view the world in a cynical light, leading him to trust almost no one.

Loving a Shadow : The main theme of this book. Jose Carlos only loved Sheccid real name Lorenna because she happened to have the same beautiful eyes the princess from the fairytale had and she never truly loved Lorenna for who she was.

Cuando el amor duele

After a new girl called Ivonne turns out to fill more similarities with the princess from the fairytale, he quickly forgets Lorenna and goes after Ivonne. Married to the Job : Mariscal Adalid prefers to work as a motivational speaker rather than spending time with his family. He gives him some cash and waves him goodbye coldly, much to Mario's surprise.

Jose Carlos inmediately regrets it and runs across the sreet to find him, but by now Mario is gone.


Poor Jose Carlos is left with regrets about it by it during the rest of the book. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! It ended up badly, since Lorenna's mother dies shortly after and her father and even her protective big brother Joaquin distance from her. And Miss Jennifer gets fired from the school for her trouble.

Really Gets Around : Justine, Lorenna's identical cousin.He is satisfied with it, thought, at least until The Stinger. Noe Barraza is on Facebook.

I Have No Son! Would Hit a Girl : Adolfo.

Ariadne realizes he is a good guy and he is not a pervert, so she begins a friendship with Carlos. Loving a Shadow : The main theme of this book. But it's not after Mario passes out and is taken to the hospital where the doctors find out he is dying of AIDS and Jose Carlos is the only one to visit him, he decides to Took a Level in Kindness , steals Jose Carlos's documents from the Bad Boss that previously stole it and escapes to another town forever after making amends with his Only Friend.

Ariadne gives him a letter that Sheccid left for him.

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