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His touch left Shelby momentarily speechless. Well have a better shot coming across one of the angels in town. The carts wheels groaned in and out of ruts in the muddy road, rocking the driver from side to side. His pitch faltered on the extended last syllable of Valentine, and he took a great gulp of air before beginning again. Then his song broke off abruptly. Whats this? Shelby could see that his hands were chapped and red from the cold as they tugged roughly on the horses reins to slow them.

The rail-thin animals neighed, coming to a stop just short of Miless bright blue baseball cap. No, no, no, Shelby muttered under her breath. Miless face had gone pale. The man shimmied fatly off the bench, his boots landing in the thick mud. He walked toward Miless hat, bent down with another grunt, and swooped it up in the blink of an eye.

Shelby heard Miles swallow hard. A quick swipe against the mans already filthy trousers and the cap was halfway clean. Without a word, he turned and mounted the carts bench again, tucking the hat inside the tarp behind him. Shelby looked down at herself and her green hoodie. She tried to imagine this mans reaction if she were to pop out from behind a tree wearing weird clothes from the future and try to take back his prize.

It was not a calming idea. Oh, Miles. Im sorry. Now we definitely have to follow him, Miles said, a little desperate. Shelby asked.

Fallen Series

Its just a hat. But then she looked at Miles. She still wasnt used to seeing his face. The cheeks Shelby used to think of as babyish seemed stronger, more angular, and his irises were speckled with a new intensity. She could tell by his crestfallen expression that it definitely wasnt just a hat to him. Whether it held special memories or was simply a good-luck talisman, she didnt know.

But she would do anything to get that look off his face. Okay, she blurted out. Lets go get it. Before Shelby knew what was happening, Miles had slipped his hand through hers. It felt strong and assured and a little impulsiveand then he tugged her toward the road.

Come on!

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She resisted for an instant, but then her eyes accidentally locked with Miless, and they were super-crazy blue, and Shelby felt a wave of exhilaration kick in. Then they were running down a snow-dotted medieval road, moving past crop fields that were dead for the winter, covered in a sleek sheet of white that draped the trees and spotted the dirt road. Hand in hand, pink-cheeked, chapped-lipped, laughing for no reason Shelby could ever have put into wordslaughing so hard she nearly forgot what they were about to do.

But then, when Miles called out, Jump! For a moment, it almost felt like she was flying. A knotty log formed the back ledge of the cart, barely wide enough to balance on.

Their feet skimmed it, landing there by sheer, graceless luck For a moment. Then the cart hit a rut and rattled fiercely, and Miless foot slipped and Shelby lost her grip on the canvas tarp.

Her fingers slipped and her body flailed and she and Miles were flung backward, sailing downward, into the mud.

Shelby grunted. Her rib cage throbbed. She wiped the cold mud from her eyes and spat out a mouthful of the dingy stuff. She looked up at the cart growing smaller in the distance. Miless hat was gone.

Are you okay? He wiped his face with the hem of his T-shirt. When she nodded, he grinned. Do Francescas face if she found out where we were right now. Miless command sounded cheerful, but Shelby knew that inside he was gutted. Still, she would play along. She rolled out of the puddle, propped herself on her elbows, stuck out her chest, and pinched up her nose.

And I suppose youre going to deny that you were purposely attempting to disgrace Shorelines legacy? Im absolutely loath to imagine what the faaancypants board of directors will say.

And have I mentioned that I broke a nail on an Announcers edge trying to track you two down Now, now, Frankie. Miles helped Shelby up from the mud as he deepened his voice to do his best impersonation of Steven, Francescas slightly more relaxed demon husband. Lets not be too hard on the Nephilim. A single semester of scrubbing toilets really should teach them their lesson. After all, their mistake began with noble intentions.

Shelby swallowed, feeling a somberness settle over her. Theyd been a team, the three of them. Teams stuck together. We didnt give up on her, Miles said softly.

You heard what Daniel said. He is the only one who can find her. You think hes found her yet? I hope so. He said he would. But But what?

Download di ebook per tablet Android Fallen Angel PDF iBook by Eden Bradley

Miles paused. Luce was pretty mad when she left everyone in the backyard. Shelby stared at mud-slicked Miles, knowing how much he hadat one pointtruly cared about Luce.

Admittedly, Shelby hadnt ever felt that way about anyone. In fact, she was legendary for choosing the absolute worst guys to date. If she hadnt fallen for him, the Outcasts wouldnt have tracked Luce down and she wouldnt have had to jump through the Announcer, and Miles and Shelby wouldnt be stuck here right now. Covered in mud.

But that wasnt the point. The point was: Shelby was amazed that Miles wasnt more bitter about seeing Luce in mega-love with someone else. But he wasnt. That was Miles. Shell forgive him, Shelby finally said. If someone loved me enough to dive through multiple millennia just to find me, Id get over myself. Oh, thats all it would take? Miles elbowed her. On impulse, she swatted his stomach with the back of her hand. It was the way she and her mom teased each other, like best friends or something.

But Shelby was usually a lot more reserved with people outside her nuclear family. Miles interrupted her thoughts. Right now you and I need to focus on getting to town, finding an angel who can help us, and making our way home. It was a small wooden structure with a swinging sign of weathered wood, and big barrels of ale lined up against its walls. Shelby and Miles had jogged past hundreds of trees stripped of their leaves by the cold, and melting patches of muddy snow on the pocked, winding road to the city.

There really wasnt all that much to see. In fact, they had even lost sight of the cart after Shelby got a stitch in her side and had to slow down, but now, serendipitously, they spotted it parked outside the tavern. Thats our guy, Shelby said under her breath. He probably stopped in for a drink. Well just snatch the hat back and be on our way.

Miles nodded, but as they slipped around the back of the cart, Shelby spotted the man in the fur vest inside the doorway, and her heart sank. She couldnt hear what he was saying, but he held Miless hat in his hands and was showing it off to the innkeeper as proudly as if it were a rare gem. Oh, Miles said, disappointed. Then he straightened his shoulders. When he let her out of his embrace, he opened his palm and a small red shape inside it began to grow.

Her duffel bag. In just a few seconds, it had filled out entirely, back to its full size. A single light went on inside the building. A silhouette appeared in the doorway. She let everything else fall away, let her heart brim over. And the future. The figure in the doorway was walking toward her, a woman in a short white dress.

The kiss Luce had shared with Daniel, too sweet to be so brief, left her just as out of breath as their kisses always did. It was all happening too fast. Not yet. Her heart went after him as she opened her eyes and saw the last trace of his wings disappear inside a cloud, into the dark night. Luce winced and rubbed her face. Her nose stung. Now it was her cheekbones. Her eyelids drifted open and, almost immediately, she scrunched up her face in surprise. A stocky dishwater-blond girl with a grimly set mouth and major eyebrows was leaning over her.

Her hair was piled messily on top of her head.

She wore yoga pants and a ribbed camouflage tank top that matched her green-flecked hazel eyes. She held a Ping-Pong ball between her fingers, poised to pelt. Luce scrambled backward in her bedsheets and shielded her face. Her heart already hurt from missing Daniel. She looked down, still trying to get her bearings, and remembered the bed she had indiscriminately collapsed into the night before.

Even in her stunned stupor, Luce could tell that the woman was beautiful. She was in her mid-thirties, with blond hair brushing her shoulders, round cheekbones, and large, soft features. Angel, Luce decided almost instantly. Other than the stranger I wake to find squatting in my room. Other than the kid disrupting my morning mantra with her weirdly personal sleep-babbling.

Just a Californian girl with a strong sense of entitlement. Luce sat up in bed and looked around. The room was a little cramped, but it was nicely appointed, with light-colored hardwood floors; a working fireplace; a microwave; two deep, wide desks; and built-in bookshelves that doubled as a ladder to what Luce now realized was the top bunk.

She could see a private bathroom through a sliding wooden door. And—she had to blink a few times to be certain—an ocean view out the window. Not bad for a girl who had spent the past month gazing out at a rank old cemetery in a room more appropriate for a hospital than a school.

But then, at least that rank cemetery and that room had meant she was with Daniel. And 21 now she was back to starting from scratch. Sterile chic, as Callie had once said. This room, on the other hand—there was something about it that was strangely … groovy.

Wait, how did you know my name? She pictured Shelby darting across a whole network of ledges on the roof to get back here in the middle of the night. Shelby made a show of yawning. Especially not Lucinda Price. Luce wanted to know what it meant. And where Shelby had been until three. And who were the Nephilim kids?

But though Arriane had seemed intimidating and even a little dangerous, there had been something charmingly off-kilter about her from the start. Shelby popped off the bed and lumbered into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

After digging through her duffel bag to find her toothbrush, Luce followed her in and gestured sheepishly at the toothpaste. She spat out a mouthful of froth. Not one brush of an angel wing. Not one kiss of his lips. Luce needed the girl to help jog her memory. She must have been dreaming about Daniel. Next time, try enunciating. You coming or what? Shelby shrugged. Whatever takes the least amount of time.

She would have liked to spend a few more minutes on her first-day-of-school look, but she just grabbed her backpack and followed Shelby out the door. The dormitory hallway was different in the daylight.


Everywhere she looked were bright, oversized windows with ocean views, or built-in bookshelves crammed full of thick, colorful hardcover books. Every few steps, the hallway seemed to split off into small tributary hallways, with spiral staircases leading further into the dimly lit maze. Two flights of stairs and what looked like one secret door later, Luce and Shelby stepped through a set of double-paned French windows and into the daylight.

It smelled like the ocean, but not really like home. Less briny, more chalky than the East Coast shore. This lawn was bordered on three sides by thick blue hydrangea bushes, and on the fourth by the steep, straight drop into the sea. As they approached the terrace, Luce saw another building, a long, rectangular structure with wooden shingles and cheery yellow-trimmed windowpanes.

It was certainly the nicest mess Luce had ever seen. The terrace was filled with whitewashed iron lawn furniture and about a hundred of the most laid-back-looking students Luce had ever seen. Most of them had their shoes kicked off, their feet propped up on the tables as they dined on elaborate breakfast dishes. Eggs Benedict, fruit-topped Belgian waffles, wedges of rich-looking, flaky spinach-flecked quiche. Kids were reading the paper, gabbing on cell phones, playing croquet on the lawn.

Luce knew from rich kids at Dover, but East Coast rich kids were pinched and snotty, not sun-kissed and carefree. The whole scene looked more like the first day of summer than a Tuesday in early November. Luce wished she could turn to Arriane now. It would be good to be able to laugh. Looking around, she accidentally caught the eyes of a couple of students.

A pretty girl with olive skin, a polka-dot dress, and a green scarf tied in her glossy black hair. A sandy-haired guy with broad shoulders tackling an enormous stack of pancakes. But … neither one of these kids glared at her. The biggest surprise about Shoreline was not the crystal sunshine or the cushy breakfast terrace or the buckets-of-money aura hovering over everyone.

It was that the students here were smiling. Well, most of them were smiling. When Shelby and Luce reached an unoccupied table, Shelby picked up a small placard and flung it to the ground. Luce leaned sideways to see the word RESERVED written on it just as a kid their age in a full-on black-tie waiter suit approached them with a silver tray. Gotta slave to get by.

She picked up the San Francisco Chronicle from the middle of the table and unfolded the front page with a yawn.

It was right around then that Luce had had enough. She was tall, with an imperious bearing, and was put together with a style that came across as effortless. Her lips were glossy pink. She wore a cool fitted black sheath dress with a blue belt and matching peep-toe stilettos. It was the kind of outfit that would make anyone feel dowdy by comparison. And maybe not worn her mud-crusted Converses.

Luce just cleared her throat. Most of our gifted students just ease right in. Or just lean on Shelby. Her laugh was a gruff, gravelly thing, the kind of chortle Luce would have expected from an old man, a lifetime smoker, not a teenage yoga enthusiast. Luce could feel her face pinching up into a scowl. She belonged with real people, people with soul instead of squash rackets, who knew what life was like. She belonged with Daniel. She still had no idea what she was doing here, other than hiding out very temporarily while Daniel took care of his … war.

After that, he was going to take her back home. Or something. Enjoy breakfast! When she was gone, Shelby took a big slurp of her coffee and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Part of her wanted to find another table. There were happy buzzes of conversation going on all around her.

But she was confused by what Francesca had said. Why pitch Shelby as some great roommate when it was clear the girl was a total hater?

She raised one giant eyebrow. So what if I have a few questions? She folded and set down the paper and 25 leaned back in her chair. Every semester, they wage a campaign. And every semester, Francesca has to make up some bunk unpassable test to keep him out. That means anything with angel in its DNA.

Mortals, immortals, transeternals. We try not to discriminate. Would you want to be called a nephil?

It sounds like a bag you carry your shame in. No, thanks. She just seemed kind of coarse and cranky. Do you go on to angel college after this? A lot of kids take a year off and do Nephilim Corps. You get to travel, have a fling with a foreigner, et cetera. The girl whose big-shot boyfriend pulled some strings. Was that … the truth? Just leave me out of it, okay? Maybe she and Shelby needed to rewind again. Suddenly, the girl with the green scarf was standing before her, grinning and nudging another girl forward.

Luce glanced past them, but Shelby was already far away—and probably not worth catching up to. Up close, the green-scarf girl looked kind of like a young Salma Hayek, with full lips and an even fuller chest. The other girl, with her pale coloring, hazel eyes, and short black hair, looked kind of like Luce. She had very small white teeth and was using them to hold a couple of sequin-tipped bobby pins while she twisted a few dark tendrils into little knots.

Ohmigod, what was Cam like? I saw him once at this death metal concert … of course, I was too nervous to introduce myself. This is Jasmine. This was new. We always say how you and Daniel are, like, the greatest love story.

Okay, does it make you want him even more? I bet it does! She glanced around the busy terrace, wondering whether anyone could overhear them. Speaking of burning up, her cheeks must be beet red right now. An iron bell rang from the roof of the mess hall to signal the end of breakfast, and Luce was glad to see that everyone else had other things to focus on. Like getting to class. It sounds so totally romantic and awesome.

The Parliament of Fowls

Luce had never been on the receiving end of one of those giggles before. Not what you want to hear. This was maddening. Luce was fiercely embarrassed. And, okay, a little excited. And absolutely unsure whether any of it was true. One thing was sure: Luce was suddenly kind of … famous. But it felt strange. Like she was one of those unnamed bimbos next to the It-boy movie star in a paparazzi photo.

All the time! She had to keep reminding herself: This was only temporary. Temporary, but still stunningly beautiful. The three of them walked along the hydrangea path, which curved around the mess hall.

Fallen in Love by Lauren Kate

The waves rolled toward the small stretch of tawny beach at the foot of the cliff almost as casually as the Shoreline student body rolled toward class. An impressive two-story A-frame cabin stood alone at the end of the path. It had been built in the middle of a shady pocket of redwoods, so its steep, triangular roof and 28 the vast open lawn in front of it were covered with a blanket of fallen needles.

There was a nice grassy patch with some picnic tables, but the main attraction was the cabin itself: More than half of it looked like it was made of glass, all wide, tinted windows and open sliding doors. Like something Frank Lloyd Wright could have designed.

Several students lounged on a huge second-story deck that faced the ocean, and several more kids were mounting the twin staircases that wound up from the path. It looked more like a vacation home than a school building. He had a thin face, stylish rectangular glasses, and a thick head of wavy salt-and-pepper hair.

He looked at Luce long enough to make her veer toward nervousness, but the smile stayed on his face. She is shameless.

And you call them by their first names? Who teaches what? Frankie and Steven teach it jointly. Part of the deal here, sort of yin and yang. You know, so none of the students get … swayed. Everyone else was starting to amble through the sliding glass doors. They just sort of … live in sin. Come on, we gotta go. It was broad and had three shallow risers, with desks on them, that led down to a couple of long tables. Most of the light came in through skylights. The natural lighting and high ceilings made the room seem even bigger than it was.

An ocean breeze blew in through the open doors and kept the air comfortable and fresh. She wondered if Daniel was thinking about her. Did he miss her the way she 29 missed him? Luce chose a desk close to the windows, between Jasmine and a cute boy-next-door kind of guy who was wearing cutoffs, a Dodgers cap, and a navy sweatshirt. A few girls stood clustered near the door to the bathroom.

One of them had curly hair and boxy purple glasses. But when the girl turned toward Luce, her face was a little squarer and her clothes were a little tighter and her laugh was a little louder and Luce almost felt like her heart was wilting. It never would be, ever again. Luce could feel the other kids glancing at her—some of them outright stared. There were two dry-erase white boards behind the tables. Two bookshelves on either side. Two trash cans. Two desk lamps. Two laptops, one on each table.

And the two teachers, Steven and Francesca, huddled near the front of the room, whispering. Francesca sat on top of one, with one leg tucked beneath her and one of her high heels skimming the wood floor. Steven leaned against the other table, opened a heavy maroon leather portfolio, and rested his pen between his lips.

But none of that happened. And most of the kids were still sneaking glances at her. Steven smiled, showing a flash of brilliant white teeth. They were actually turning in their seats to focus on her. She could feel her heart race and her palms grow damp. She shrank in her seat, wishing she were just a normal kid at a normal school back home in normal Thunderbolt, Georgia.

But there was where her anxious, tumbling mind always came to a full stop: How to be normal and still have Daniel? Who was so very far from normal. Ut habeo summo impedit has, sea eius tritani sapientem eu. Vel laudem legimus ut, consul nominavi indoctum ex pri. Falli omnesque vivendum eos ad, ei hinc diceret eos. Nam no nonumes volumus quaerendum, cu meis graeci audiam vis. In ullum ludus evertitur nec.

Solum mentitum quo et, no ancillae legendos mel. Quo verear neglegentur et. Novum utroque atomorum te eos.You know what? But he wasnt. Random House Kids. Her blond hair tumbled down her shoulders. He seemed nervous.

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